Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS)

Program Overview

As the Vision 2030 emphasis the enhancement of human capital within the Kingdom, organizations will require progressive leaders to manage their human capital and ensure its continuous growth and development in the knowledge economy era.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) approved Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) is a two year program in which students can choose to join one of five tracks; Analytical Biochemistry (ABC), Biotechnology (BIT), Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Biology (CERB), Infection Control (IC) and Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB). All tracks are thesis option and consist of at least 24 credits of courses in addition to a Thesis. Based on letter number 18003583 dated 27/01/1440H 7 Oct 2018 from SCHS university Graduate programs / Clinical and nonclinical ,are not required to have SHCS approval or accreditation. The only approval required for any program is from MOE and NCAAA.

Master of Biomedical Sciences| Tracks

Analytical Biochemistry

Analytical Biochemistry is focuses on covering the analytical techniques which is needed for studying the chemical properties and functions of biologically important molecules and processes...

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Biotechnology (BIT)

Biotechnology employs molecular biology and genetic engineering to develop new technologies and products, and to investigate their applications in medicine, industry, academia..

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Clinical Anatomy

Clinical Anatomy is focused on the study of gross anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy and embryology. It deals with the clinical application of anatomical disciplines. The program offers a broad range of..

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Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Biology

This offers research and training opportunities with international-calibre scientists leading to a Master's degree awarded by Alfaisal University. The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program ..

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Infection Control

The Infection Control Track of the Masters programin Biomedical Science at the College of Medicine, Alfaisal University is a two-year full-time program designed to provide specialized and..

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Molecular & Cell Biology

Potential careers for graduates include the expanding market in molecular medicine, biotechnology, and biomedical research. The Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences at Alfaisal University.

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Transfusion Medicine & Stem Cells

In collaboration with the Regional Laboratory and Blood Bank of the Ministry of Health, the Master of Biomedical Sciences -Transfusion Medicine & Stem Cells track (MBS-TMS) will introduce graduate students.

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Laboratory Quality Management

Graduate students are introduced to medical laboratory quality management along with research methods and presentation skills.This program includes a research thesis and focuses on the principles.

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Hemostasis and Thrombosis (MBS-HAT)

The MBS-HAT Track is a new track under the MBS program and its aim is to introduce basic science concepts in thrombosis and hemostasis with research methods and presentation skills.

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Nanodiagnostics and Nanomedicine

The Nanomedicine and Nanodiagnostics interdisciplinary track in master’s Program in Biomedical Sciences will provide students with solid knowledge about the role of nanomedicine. ..

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Cancer Nanoscience

The Cancer Nanoscience track will prepare graduates for diverse careers ranging from basic cancer research to biotech companies moving cutting-edge nanotechnology into the cancer clinic. Students will learn and new methodologies that guide cancer diagnosis..

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