Clinical Embryology & Reproductive Biology (MBS)

The master's Program in Biomedical Sciences Clinical Embryology and Reproductive Biology Track Alfaisal University in Collaboration with the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre.

Program Overview

This offers research and training opportunities with international-calibre scientists leading to a Master's degree awarded by Alfaisal University. The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program offers a unique environment of higher education that integrates the research and training capability at KFSH&RC and Alfaisal University in a distinctive modern education setting. The Clinical Embryology and Reproductive Biology track of the Masters in Biomedical Science Program at Alfaisal University's College of Medicine is a two-year full-time program designed to provide specialized and individualized training in the field of clinical embryology and assisted reproductive technology. The curriculum is in line with other international master's programs, such as those in the UK, Australia and the USA. The curriculum is designed to train core competencies in clinical embryology theory and practice.

Based on letter number 18003583 dated 27/01/1440H 7 Oct 2018 from SCHS university Graduate programs / Clinical and nonclinical ,are not required to have SHCS approval or accreditation. The only approval required for any program is from MOE and NCAAA.

The scope of study will include:
  • Anatomy and physiology of reproductive systems and embryology
  • Infertility and treatments
  • Advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART)
  • Practical training in essential laboratory skills and sophisticated micromanipulation techniques
  • Legislation, ethics and quality control
The First Year Subject Courses:
  • Reproductive biology and embryology
  • Molecular genetics & biology of the cell
  • Introduction to assisted reproduction
  • Infertility and reproductive medicine
  • Semen analysis and processing/andrology.
The Second Year

The program will include a course on advanced assisted reproduction that provides students with practical experience of human assisted reproduction and clinical embryology. Finally, there will be a research thesis (or project for non-thesis track) on a choice of topics, and this will be individually supervised by faculty.

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