Analytical Biochemistry (MBS)

Program Overview

Analytical Biochemistry is focuses on covering the analytical techniques which is needed for studying the chemical properties and functions of biologically important molecules and processes such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates and other biomolecules. Modern Analytical biochemistry aims to provide an understanding of fundamental biological processes at a molecular level, it also contributes to the solving of medical problems and drug discovery and disease curing. Alfaisal University realized the importance of analytical biochemistry as it can potentially participate in a new revolution and applications in the 21st century. Analytical biochemistry can play a major role in developing a knowledge society and establishing knowledge-based economy. Alfaisal University attracts and supports researchers, academicians, and other experts to carry out research aiming at producing products that can advance and revolutionize various areas of science, medicine, agriculture and industry.

The graduate program MBS - Analytical Biochemistry track (i.e. MBS-ABC) is a joint multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary program of the following colleges: Science and Medicine. The program was designed to adapt the approach of integrating and making maximum benefit from the varied research expertise and facilities available at the different Colleges of Alfaisal. This program is open to the students of undergraduate degree from biochemistry, biotechnology, life sciences, biology, pharmacy and medicine.

The MSc Track in Analytical Biochemistry includes courses dealing with the advanced techniques of protein chemistry, immunology and metabolism, molecular cell biology, molecular genetics, molecular microbiology, applications of nanotechnology, and special topics such as nano-medicine and its applications in disease diagnosis. This program is open to the students of undergraduate degree from life sciences, pharmacy, medicine and engineering, Saudi and non-Saudi, local and international.

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