Tuition Fees

  1. Total tuition fees for all master programs at Alfaisal University are SAR 200,000.
  2. Students are allowed to repeat a maximum of 6 CH during their study without incurring extra fees. If students exceed the allowed CH, the normal CH rate will apply.

The way of calculating the invoices of graduate students will be as the following:

Courses Option Program

Thesis Option Program

Each semester fees will be calculated per credit hour (4,762 * CH) and the summer semester will be calculated as a regular semester in regards of tuition fees. Each semester fees will cost 50.000 SAR and the program is not allowed to open summer semester.



Amount (SAR) VAT Inclusive

Application Fee


Cost of all Graduate Programs


Cost of credit hour for Graduate Programs


Seat Reservation and Tuition fee first instalment paid before the beginning of the Academic year/Registration


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