MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Program Overview

The MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) at Alfaisal University offers a comprehensive, four- semester graduate program that prepares students to pioneer advancements in AI. The curriculum provides a robust foundation in the core disciplines of AI, with an emphasis on both theoretical and practical knowledge. By combining theory with hands-on practice, the program facilitates active learning through collaborative projects that reflect real-world challenges.

Perspective Professional Occupations
  1. Data Analyst / Data Scientist
  2. AI Systems Architect
  3. Data Visualization Expert
  4. AI Developer
  5. Machine/Deep Learning Engineer
  6. AI Solutions Architect
  7. Healthcare Data Analyst
  8. AI Product Manager
  9. Business Intelligence Analyst
  10. AI Consultant
  11. AI Research Scientist
Program Objectives

Capacity development for technologists to advance the applied AI industry in the Kingdom.

To prepare distinguished, high-caliber manpower with special skills and capabilities in the area of research, creativity, and innovation to develop AI products of national and strategic significance.

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