Master of Science in Health Research Management (MRM)

Program Overview

Master of Science in Health Research Management (MRM) program at Alfaisal provides experienced health science professionals with updated skills, strategies, and resources for developing and managing products, treatment protocols, and other processes associated with clinical research and patient care.

The two-year, 42-credit program consists of two options: (a) 24 credits of courses and an 18-credit research thesis, or (b) 36 credits courses and a 6-credit research project.


The vision of the Master of Science in Health Research Management (MRM) is to be the premier provider of research management and administration education for the next generation of leaders, through a sustained commitment to leadership in academics, practice, research, and scholarship. The program vision will be achieved by providing an innovative approach to graduate education and training by offering access to top policy-making governmental agencies, think tanks, universities, and speakers in the Kingdom and abroad.


The curriculum encompasses in-depth coverage of essential skills and processes required for the management of studies that develop drugs, devices, and treatment protocols for patient care. Specialized topics include regulatory requirements, ethical issues, product development, business of clinical research, grant funding and manuscripts, epidemiologic principles and tools, research design and data analysis, all in the context of human subjects in clinical trials.

This degree provides a hybrid curriculum drawn from a set of disciplines such as business, finance, health, and applied research development. Potential thesis and project research opportunities are provided through major tertiary healthcare facilities and research centers, governmental health/research agencies (e.g. SFDA, CBEHI), and policy think tanks (e.g. MOH, SCS, SSHO, SS-BMT, EMBMT).

Career Prospects

Upon graduation, students will have developed advanced health research management core competencies and would be ready to further enhance their knowledge for senior management roles, through doctorate programs. Graduates of this program will be uniquely positioned for significant leadership roles in research administration and policy within private and governmental healthcare organizations.

Entry Requirements

The MRM program programme is available to any university graduate in a health or health-related profession, and others approved by the university. The entry requirements specific for the MRM program (in addition to the Alfaisal Graduate School requirements) are as follows:

  • Applicant must be a graduate a health-related specialty
  • Applicant must be able to demonstrate at least 1 year of experience in governmental agencies including Saudi MOH and its sub agencies, such as, SFDA, Saudi NIH, or are involved in health policy and management, health and research strategy, research management or have worked in public health settings
  • Other applicants planning to change their careers through this program may be considered by the program admission committee if they have similar or relevant backgrounds and are able to demonstrate strong interest in their applications.

Master of Science in Health Research Management (MRM) Tracks

Clinical Research Coordination (CRC)

This program can address critical industry needs, enhance career prospects, and contribute to the advancement of high-quality research within the Kingdom. ...

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